Saturday, December 28, 2013

International House of Prayer Northwest

Written on October 26, so quite dated:
Update: God is so good. I know, I say it often, but it is resoundingly true. I am overwhelmed by His grace, and His mercies are new every morning at the house of prayer! It honestly is a delight to be in His house. I am learning so much, and the northwest is beautiful and stunning. Please pray for continued grace from the Lord! The presence of God is here daily, just He is with all of you! One of the interns at IHOP presented the gospel to someone who on the spot accepted the Word, so praise the Lord!! And a friend of a friend of an intern who happened to come to IHOP consequently encountered the Lord and accepted Jesus as his Savior!! Pray for continued growth and praise Jesus!! We all simply desperately need to know Jesus, to grow in our relationship with Him and get to know Him better! Staff, externs, from IHOP-KC, and interns have all been asking the Lord for dreams and visions from the Lord, and we have been receiving quite the steady flow! But dreams & salvations aside, God is God, Jehoveh Jireh, and worthy to be praised!

looking for the meaning of a moment,
knowing it is You who paved the way.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

For and To

{a poem of simplicity}

At times I only wished for a few words,
to hear a fragment of substance,
just to know reality.

Just try to forgoe my head
into my heart and you will
lose, lose sorely.

For me.

I meant it.
That wait.

I did not know what to say.
I did not know what to say.

To you.