Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This was an email my grandma sent me when I was in Seattle at International House of Prayer-Northwest.  I miss this.

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From: Bonita Mckevitt 
Sent: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 7:23 pm
Subject: New life in Seattle

Hi Ash,
Hope you find a bit of time to let your grandma know how your life in going for you in Seattle. 
It must all be amazing.  The trees are so huge and the background is filled with very large mountains.  Just absorbing the scenery takes some time.
Your mother tells that you had your first grocery shopping experience for yourself.  You must have some kind of cooking arrangement where you are living.  Do you have a kitchen?  Send us a picture of the place where you live.
What are you doing for activities?  Have you started the prayer sessions yet?  Good thing you had some cooking lessons. ha ha
Love you, gr Bonnie

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Story Game.

My family likes to play this game where we write stories together.  Each person gets a piece of paper and starts their story with one or a few sentences.  Then all the stories are passed around in a circle and each person writes a new sentence to the story until they all reach the people who originally started the stories.  We share so many laughs when we do this game, along with when we do that one dictionary game...

This is what we just did today and it was so funny.  I thought I would share the results.  One of the funniest things was that our grandpa doesn't usually do this with us, but since he was here he did.  He took it so seriously and started his story about his own life (usually we aren't making stories about our own lives).  It was HILARIOUS.  When my sister and I had turns writing in that one, we laughed so hard because it was just so funny...I just wrote down three of them, but Lord-willing, will add the rest later!  Because right now I am headed out to have coffee with my mom and sister Coley Kay (me biking and them rollerblading there)!!

Once upon a time their there was a dog.  He was a beautiful golden retriever with a brand new owner.  It loved to eat glass and the owner got mad.  Then he chased his tail till he fell down dizzy.  The owner was getting very angry.  he said, "Did I get a dog who is crazy in the head?"  But, no matter, after all tea doesn't grow on bushes!  The dizzy dog was crazy, so they brought him to the psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist talked to the dog and had the owner train him to sit & stay then to heel as he walked him to the park to play.  He ate fern the cat at the park.  (brooke's story)

My life is full of happy times, talking with my coffee drinking friends at McDonald's.  Sometimes we play in the play place because we're still young at heart.  Trees and reports are a daily repertoire of our conversations.  Wendy sometimes brings my coffee out too old & stale, but other than that...it is still the same cheap coffee beans we all choke down.  I still have fun laughing with my friends and we get a side ache after a while because we laugh so hard.  That's why we all have six packs and thunder thighs.
What I really mean is that life is full and great with wonderful friends in spite of how the coffee is.  I love to eat beans and sing the toot song (editor's note: he meant the song about beans "beans the magical fruit..." sorry about the inappropriateness of this, my brother was trying to be funny, I think).  It makes my heart sing and dance. (Grandpa's story)

Brooke woke up to the sound of laughter.  And the laughter was from the zunep band.  This band played zunga music from the native jungle.  Tomorrow it was going to the Jungle Mariachi Band and play with them in Japan.  This story is the dumbest one I have ever read!  (Grandpa wrote that last sentence.)  Why is Brooke waking up to a native band laughing in her room..?  Chaling was marinating in the oven.  That is a native dish from the land of Ompalumpa where the Thing 1's, boondocks, and Dr. Seuss people are from.  I guess she saw the movie about Ompalumpa land the night before, that is why she was laughing.  She finally stopped laughing until she called her girlfriend and told her what happened then her & her girlfriend laughed so hard they they rolled around on the floor.  (matthew's story)

Friday, April 4, 2014

grandma post

Grandma would say: "you don't have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep."

april fourth

I find it so funny...when certain persons write letters to me, they use my middle name, addressing
Ashley Rose McKevitt on the envelope.
so cute of said individuals.

I have been starting to read the books Pride and Prejudice and also Jane Eyre.  I had started Jane Eyre with school and read pages of P & P as well, but now am getting more into them.  Pride and Prejudice is simply stunning!  I am thoroughly into it!  oh, the wording..
to finish with a quote from Catherine in Pride and Prejudice:

"I often tell young ladies, that no excellence in music is to be acquired, without constant practice."

Thursday, April 3, 2014

to the one who will be a believer:

I don't know you yet, but when you know Jesus, my heart has already rejoiced with joy inexpressible for this very fact.  I'm so excited to hear your voice tell me of how exciting the new Map you've found is, how glorious are its streets and buildings and people and purposes.  I'm excited to meet you.  I love you already and know that Jesus has anointed you to be called, chosen, and faithful.  I'm so excited to share stories together and to ask Jesus for more time together worshipping Him around campfires.  I'm so glad that I can look forward to you like a mother awaits her child.  Guess what?  Being His child is so much fun!  It's literally the bomb.  It's the ultimate challenge with the best trainer.  I'm writing this so you can see this note one day, Lord-willing.  I'm so excited to see your new life.  It's going to be beautifully holy.
Yours because He's going to find you,