Monday, April 3, 2017


Update!  I was able to finish that practice test.  It did take the duration of the day to accomplish it.  I did not spend the entire day on it (I was also working with Virginia). But the entire duration of the day until I think after midnight later.  I had a 45 min spurt then another(maybe even another 45 min session) then a very long work session that evening (hrs long).  I really wanted to work on it to improve my grades on the actual quizzes.  I hadn't been doing the practice quizzes and it was throwing my quiz grades off.  Just focusing on all the other work to do that I was not taking time for that practice.  Well, tonight I worked on another one of them.  It was intense.  Long work, and challenging.  I like it, but I also just daydream about my (actual) family while I'm working.  (not future but my present family).  I love them all so much and just think about each one of them.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

here is this, here's that.

Today I am sending an update from the neverlands, the place where I calculate and miss my family.  In other words, I feel alive and a bit free today!  Yet slightly isolated, but I don't really care about that all too much.  Probably because I rested and rejuvenated my soul and also because I took a walk.

Last night was NOT good.  I got to a bad place.  Aka.  I freaked about how much work I had to do and how I couldn't do it.  So I finally turned it over to the One who knows how to do all this *gasp* work.

Mainly this post is for a bit of accountability.  I have tons of work to get done today, but I at least want to accomplish ONE thing.  I am picking--> PRACTICE QUIZ 2.7.  Now, this may seem like an easy task.  Let me tell you about this task--it will most likely take hours.  However, it will make me more prepared for the actual chapter quiz coming up on Monday.  Catch me later!

Prayer requests: please pray for rest and joy from the Lord to be present in my life.
please pray that I would be a blessing to my family.

 amen. ttyl.