Wednesday, February 26, 2014

God is with us, in the every day moments.

Heart aches.  desires passed over.  H E   I S   S T I L L   T H E R E.  What happens when you mess up so badly that the entire course of your life is forever altered..?  He forgives, his presence is to comfort, to caress our souls to love Him.  God is faithful while we are unfaithful.  He sees our every need, our every weakness.  He sees and understands, surprisingly.  He sees our failed attempts and broken heart.  I used to think God saw the broken heart as having sinned.  I read in his heart an addition to this: He is close to the broken hearted.
I must come, we must come, clinging to His mercy, for only mercy will satisfy what we have made of our lives.

Trusting in his faithfulness, surrendering to Him, letting forgiveness be uttered for all the messed up moments and things undone.

My Family

I love my family so much.  Over the past two months I have been so blessed to love on them, spend moments with each of them, and grow in friendship.  They are blessings from the Lord.
my sister & brother

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my brother Matthew

my beautiful mother

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2.20 & a Miracle

God is faithful in trials.  He is good all the time.  I can trust Him.  I don't have to worry.  Ever.

One of the most amazing things just happened to me.  All God.

So, let me tell this story.  I so delight in sharing God's goodness in my weakness.  This is a story of how I see a recurring theme: when I really seek God, like REALLY seek Him with all my heart, I continually see Him work.  It is amazing.

As you may have known, God brought me to the International House of Prayer.  I had a VERY good time.  So blessed.  I am blessed and highly favored by the Most High King.  I love Him.

As of two months, I had a problem because last minute under tons of stress, I had to leave a bunch of luggage behind in the Northwest.  I even took an evening prayer meeting off in order to prepare for my departure, but alas, not enough.  I sadly missed the blessing over the interns, but I know God's mercy and blessing over me is firm and solid.  I asked a bunch of people to pray for me.  I was very overwhelmed.  I tried not to worry and just pray.  Yesterday, however, I really made the effort to seek God's help.  This is to exalt Him, showing the power of God, that I was having trouble finding a solution and in prayer God responded.

God is sooo faithful.  In prayer, He answers.

So I prayed last night.  Today, I sent a text to my cousin's friend.  My aunt had asked me to contact her.  So anyway, before I had prayed about all this last night, I prayed and then my aunt contacted me at the last minute.  JUST before all my luggage was going to be shipped halfway across the US to me.  God is sooo faithful.  Thank you, Jesus!!  He provides!!  I tell you, He provides and gives so much mercy!!!  I needed it.  Anyway, I didn't want to bug my aunt.  I had a lot of things left behind and didn't want to be a problem.  But I also couldn't leave things behind at the gracious host home that I was at for three months.  I didn't want to be a problem to them either!  So quick story: I prayed last night, today, I contacted my cousin's friend, and she offered to pick up my things within the, do you understand this??  I had been so worried and yet trying not to worry and just trust God and give it to Him in prayer, and when I really sought him with all my hard, even though it is SO hard and it takes literally energy from your body in prayer...he not only answered, he answered MIRACULOUSLY.  A recurring problem over two months I was speedily rescued from in ONE hour.  To top it all off, my roommate had been on the way to drop everything off at the post office for me so graciously later today.  She had everything in her car and so this wonderful young woman just has to swing by IHOP--which also miraculously, not to disclose too much info, but she lives close by, God--and it is all packaged neatly and ready to go!!

I am utterly in shock.  Utterly blessed.  Once again, God surprised and delighted me.  To you, it may not seem like a big deal.  If you were in my mind and saw my thoughts, you would see and know how big of a deal it is to me.

I was just saved almost 100 bucks because of a generous young woman.  This, people, this is why you develop merciful and kind characteristics like this anonymous little helper who God is using to save the day, so that you can bless others like she has just blessed, I am quite speechless, although that seems untrue seeing that I just wrote a whole journal entry on the miracle.

Thank you, Jesus.


Today I was studying Latin and thought it would be a good idea to write out some of my vocab on here, just because I want to & it helps me study:
via: street
videt: sees
villa: house
vocat: calls
venit: comes
vituperat: finds fault with
valdē: very

Words.  What do we do with them?  Do we as Americans write too many of them?

English.  I have come to a conclusion that I have not put enough value on my own english, the words God has given me to say in my first native language.  I think the only things worth talking about are grandeous Biblical meditations, but God values my every day too.  In order for me to love others, I have to love them as I love myself.  That is pretty hard to do if you don't even love yourself.  True, in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves, but God also commands us to love ourselves because He says to love others as we love ourselves.


What about cups?  Have you ever looked through your family's cupboard and decided that half of the cups need a good reckoning?  time to organize.