Tuesday, May 6, 2014

one day, I was filling out a form.  I would run all the way across the house to ask my dad the questions each time there was a new question because right when I finished asking him a question I would have a new one.  I come running down the stairs and take a running jump to the bottom, fall on my ankle, and sprain it.  I'm sprawled out on the floor and say to my dad, "so did you file taxes ELECTRONICALLy in the last three weeks..?"  as he is laughing at me...

"You are beloved, you are beloved, you are beloved by a Savior who sings over you. I want all my life to be this message. Let me sing truth from the depths of my soul, for all my days. This is the only legacy I want to leave: that I lived fully surrendered and wholly alive to being beloved by Christ, and it shaped all I did." by +Hannah Nicole 

the rest (the story game part II)

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to dance.  Her name was Tweedledum.  And she jumped so high she had birds in her hair.  The birds decided to make a nest in her hair!  Tweedledee was NOT her best friend.  Someone taught her that "once upon a time" was not really a good way to keep starting stories.  Of course, the most difficult part of birds in your hair is keep your hair clean.  Bird droppings are a messy thing, especially when the birds are having stomach problems.  Tweedledum decided to go to the hairdresser and get her hair washed then she looked beautiful.  But an ostrich knocked out her two front teeth and she looked like a hobo.  And there was a little bird that made her teeth look better.  (mom's story)

A sun beam frolicked onto the dusty armchair.  It was too sensitive of a story for him to have understood its nature.  He was just learning to write sentences, that is why the first sentence in this store makes no sense.  Tony the cat jumped onto the chair to take a nap.  He got sunburnt and lost all his hair.  And it grew back.  very quickly.  He had a new brother Fern the cat and they played, purring happily while Andrew teased them with a palm branch.  Then the palm branch broke, got stuck up the cat's nose, and the cat...died.  Thank God he died cause bad cats don't deserve to live.  (:O  my grandpa wrote that sentence..)  But he's not dead!  He is risen from the dead, Halleluiah!  (my story)

It was a cold dark night and the mice were shivering as they slept.  I got up and grabbed a coat for a blanket.  I grasped the mouse by its tail and ate it in one gulp.  Gross!  I was barfing mouse guts for two hours.  Then I ate two more mice and sung songs from the jungle mariachi bands new cd classic. What a weird sense of humor!!  Why was I even listening to this band?!  I don't even like their music!  Flowers were growing all over the trees.  It was a nice evening.  I wasn't cold anymore.  I decided to not eat mice.  (dad's story)

Once upon a time there was an amazing purple dragon.  He had a fire breath + started many forest fires.  Oh no!  The forest is on fire!  Sumo wrestlers could not stop them!  But oh, how love can quench fires!  So someone quenched this fire with love and this is how:  They clicked their heels three times and ended up in Kansas.  A tornado hit us in Kansas sweeping us up into it--dropping us in Minnesota where it was a beautiful spring day.  Until it snowed and a fierce snowstorm froze the dragons tongue to a pole.  Then the dragon blew fire.  So that the fire let him get his tongue free and he was able to fly around and visit his favorite friend Ben.  (Andrew's story)

Again, when I say whose story I mean they are the person who wrote the first sentence or two.